Church Response began in 1972 as a collective effort by Rapid City churches responding to those in need after the June 9, 1972 flood with a purpose of meeting emergency food and housing needs on a temporary basis. As needs of flood victims gradually decreased, a continuing need for temporary emergency assistance to the less fortunate families in the community became apparent. Churches made a commitment to minister to those whose needs were not being met through other agencies.

     Church Response was officially founded as non-profit South Dakota Corporation in April 1975 as a conduit for this commitment. run by a Board of Directors  whose members are appointed by the involved churches. Church Response continues to meet these needs to this day including operating the KOTA blue bags food drive and the annual Christmas silent auction and concert fundraiser.

     However the needs in our community are continuing. Due to job loss and rising expenses, many families are finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of needing to ask for help. We can't do it without you. Join us today and help eradicate hunger in our community!



What is the primary goal for Church Response?


Church Response focuses on self-sufficiency as a goal for clients; providing aide of a more temporary nature to those struggling to regain their footing after financial setbacks or illness causing disability.


Where is Church Response located?


Church Response is located in the Community Care Center at 30 Main Street and shares space with the Cornerstone Rescue Mission.


Who is able to receive aid from Church Response?


Anyone can receive aid based on their situation this includes in large part single mothers with children for whom Food Stamps do not fully cover nutritional and incidental needs. Church Response aids 200-250 families weekly including nearly 400 children.


When is aid available?


Church Response is open Monday-Friday from 9-12 and 1-4 and is available for residents of Rapid City and the surrounding area. Prospective beneficiaries need to visit our 30 Main Street office to determine qualifications for services provided.


What specific services does Church Response provide?


Food Pantry: Generally entitles each family to one 6 pound bag of non-perishable food plus a bag of commodities, when available, each week.

Home Heating/Utility Assistance (MDU/BHP/WREA): Assistance with utility bills past due between 30-59 days.

Birth Certificate/Picture Identification Assistance:  One time assistance for purpose of securing employment or as required by schools or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF).

Other Needs:  Toiletry, infant care and dental hygiene items are available on a limited basis and will be distributed to clients who have a food card issued by Church Response.

Community Resources:  Church Response works closely with other agencies in Rapid City and Pennington County to help clients identify sources and locations of other assistance.  The South Dakota Child and Adult Nutrition Services regularly publishes and updates a resource guide which is available at the Church Response office. 



 Operational Stats

Our Client Contacts averaged 869 per month (first 6 mo of 2015 avg'd 931).

Bags of food/commodities averaged 820 each (first 6 mo of 2015 avg'd 892 for food and 531 commodities..out of commodities Jan & Feb)

Donated food distributed to clients:  86,353 #'s (first 6 mo of 2015 was 42,140#'s)

Commodities distributed to clients:  83,108 #'s (first 6 mo of 2015 was 34,565...out of commodities Jan & Feb)